Intermittent fasting is one of the most popular trends for losing weight. The term intermittent fasting means that you eat within a specific timeframe and the rest of the day you just fast, not eating anything. This eating window has to be the maximum 8 hours, with smaller windows of 6 and even 4 hours been more beneficial. Of course there are also the hardcore health people who follow the rule eat-stop-eat, meaning having only one big meal during the day.

But, let’s see what are the benefits of intermittent fasting? Is it just for losing weight? Of course not. There are actually multiple benefits for your health. IF reduces insulin resistance, and lowers blood sugar levels. It boosts the metabolism and is believed to promote longevity. It reduces inflammation and helps the body remove the waste material accumulated. And it’s not just that. For those who are gym and fitness obsessed, they should know that intermittent fasting increases both growth hormone and testosterone!

You are still not convinced to give it a try? Everyone can do it. If you are a beginner, start slow on theĀ  8-hour window, just by skipping breakfast, and if you think that you can squeeze your eating window, then give it a try.

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