There are 3 basic running shoe categories depending on the heel to toe offset, or drop as you may find it.

1. Traditional Running Shoes

Traditional running shoes have a 10–12mm the heel to toe a drop. Most runners choose traditional running shoes with motion-control, standard cushioning and stabilization technologies as a solution to over-pronation and difficult

2. Barefoot Running Shoes

They are characterized by the “zero drop” from heel to toe. The heel has minimal cushioning or even no cushioning, maintaining the same height level as the toe.
Running in non cushioned shoes has some of the same aspects as this barefoot running, but does not simulate the barefoot condition completely.

3. Minimalist Running Shoes

They are somewhere between standard running shoes and barefoot running shoes. They have a minimum heel height at only about 4–8 mm to encourage a forefoot or midfoot strike, but still provide cushioning and flex