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CrossFit – What Is It and Who Is It For

CrossFit is both a philosophy and a gym series. As of 2012, there are over 3,400 gyms all over the world that practice the CrossFit methodology. Many experts see CrossFit as one of the best methods for developing a lean, toned and muscular body. So what is CrossFit? Who is it for? How is it [...]

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Enjoying Your Workout: Why It’s Crucial and How to Do It

One aspect of working out that people seldom pay attention to is their own enjoyment of it. After all, if your goal is to lose weight or to build muscle, why would it matter how much you enjoy your workouts? The reality is, however, that it really does matter. It plays a big part in [...]

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Ms. & Mr. Universe 2016 Hamburg, Germany

The NAC Ms. & Mr. Universe 2016 took place in Hamburg, Germany on November 26th. The Overall Winners of the Contest were: Body Overall Alexej Kauz (GER) Figure Overall Melanie Kuch (GER) Athletic Overall Niglesz Andrei Costel (ROM) Bikini Shape Overall Hanna Synelnykova (UKR) What is really worth mentioning though is the success of the [...]

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Muscle and Workout Recovery: You Can’t Just Keep Pushing

One aspect of working out that a lot of bodybuilders don't spend a lot of time thinking about is recovery. The reality is, your muscles aren't actually built during the workout. Instead, they're built when you rest. If you aren't waiting long enough between exercising a muscle, you risk injuring that muscle. Also, because the [...]

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