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Three Bodybuilding Tips for Fast, Consistent Muscle Growth

How would you like to build strong and powerful muscles quickly and consistently? A lot of people who show up at the gym do so without a crystal clear and well thought out plan for maximum muscle growth. Follow these tips and you'll find your muscles growing faster than those of your peers. ==> Use [...]

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Why Long-Term Thinking is Essential for Bodybuilding

One of the biggest reasons people fall off the wagon and fail with a bodybuilding program is because of short-term thinking. They imagine themselves with six pack abs and get disappointed when they don't see results after a couple weeks. The reality is that changing your body is a long-term endeavor. Long-term thinking is crucial [...]

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Why Weightlifting Is the Best Way to Lose Weight

There's a big misconception in the general population about the best way to lose weight. Most people think it's cardio. In reality, cardio does almost nothing for weight loss and fat loss. Instead, if you want to burn the fat off your body, the fastest and healthiest way to do it is through weightlifting. ==> [...]

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Sprinter vs Marathon Runner and the Muscle Fiber Types

Have you ever wondered why a sprinter looks so much different compared to a marathon runner? A sprinter's body is more muscular because it is built for speed and power, while the marathoner is built for long, slow endurance. What is the reason for this? The distribution of the muscle fiber types in our body. [...]

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Five Ideas for Staying Motivated about Fitness

Have you made the commitment to exercise and started out with all your zest and vitality, only to find that you've come crashing down to the ground really hard? Well, do not feel bad; we have all been there and done that. The first step to incorporating exercise into your daily routine is the decision, [...]

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