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Five Ways to Find More Time to Exercise

When it comes to exercise, we all have good intentions. First, we make a decision to exercise, next we announce it to the world, and finally, we decide to go all out and purchase new equipment, clothing, or even a gym membership. Then something happens, or rather does not happen. We cannot seem to find [...]

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Four Fun Ways to Burn More Calories

The truth of the matter is that everything we do, from walking up and down the stairs to house cleaning, burns calories. While we can think of many different ways to burn more calories, the fact remains that burning more calories than we consume is the key to weight loss. Most of us associate burning [...]

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The 5 Basic Exercises You Need For A Perfect Body

Push (i.e. bench press, push-ups) Pull (i.e. pull-ups, barbell row) Hip-hinge (i.e. deadlift, kettlebell swing) Squat Plank (i.e. plank, farmer's walk)

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Fun Ways to Get Fit at Home

Not everybody is able to afford an expensive gym membership with all the bells and whistles. For many folks, after working all day and carrying out family obligations, even with pristine finances leaving the house is difficult at best. That is where creativity in life comes in to the picture. Finding fun ways to get [...]

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